Somewhere many Texans consider a must stop will be getting a location a little closer to us. 

I have personally never been to a Buc-ee's, mainly because I have never seen one driving to Dallas or Arlington. Until now, on my last trip to a Dallas Stars game. I passed right by a Buc-ee's. Unfortunately, it was not open yet. Right across the street from Texas Motor Speedway. It's in a prime location for many Fort Worth residents.

Well if you happen to be in the area this Monday, they will be having their grand opening. This is the 32nd location to open in Texas. "We're pumped," said Buc-ee's General Manager Paul Soriano. "Got the speedway right across the street from us, all those race weekends and stuff, so we're pretty pumped about this location."

They have 100 gas pumps ready to go, along with plenty of Beaver Nuggets. Which are a snack the chain is very famous for. They have 18 pallets ready for the grand opening. Buc-ee's is also currently constructing another location in the Denton area.