The Texas Rangers have announced plans for a new retractable-roof stadium that could open in the next eight years.

The Texas summers can be brutal and the Rangers are hoping this new ballpark will boost attendance during the summer months.

I'm a baseball purist. I don't think teams should play in a dome, unless it's absolutely necessary. For instance, if your area is prone to rain like Seattle or the Florida area. Also, if your area gets snow when the baseball postseason is going on, like Toronto or Milwaukee. Finally, you have the cases of the extreme heat like Houston and Pheonix.

The Texas Rangers have been the exception, they have always had an open air stadium. The Rangers say attendance is down in the summer months, even when the Rangers are doing really well. They think it's because the fans can't spend three hours in the Texas sun for an afternoon/night of baseball.

I will be honest, I went to an Orioles/Rangers game in late August for an afternoon game. I ordered one beer when I got there. After that, it was water every inning and I mean literally every inning. Now, I would do whatever it takes to see my Orioles play, even if that means roasting in the sun. I could see how your average baseball fan would be steered away from having to sit in the sun.

Rumors were spreading about the Rangers and a possible move to downtown Dallas, but looks like the ball club will be staying in Arlington with the announcement of this new stadium

I know some Rangers fans will be complaining about this, but attend an afternoon game in the summer. This team needs a dome. You leave that stadium sunburned, dehydrated and blasting that AC the entire drive home.

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