Honestly, I can't remember the last time teams had a joint practice and a fight didn't break out. You're pretty much waiting for it to happen.

Joint practices in NFL training camps always get interesting. I believe the logic is that we see these same guys every day, let's get some new faces in here to hit. Well, with this fights are almost guaranteed to break out. Mainly because it's not a game and sometimes people think someone is going a little too hard for it being practice. No one wants to have a season ending injury because of some crap at practice.

I believe the joint practices for the Rams and Cowboys started on Monday, with no fights breaking out. Seriously I was shocked at least one little scuffle didn't break out. Turns out they decided to save it all for Tuesday. According to reports, the fight broke out from a hit that Dallas Cowboy Randy Gregory laid on Tre Mason.

In the words of the great Allen Iverson, "Are we really talking about practice? Not a game, but practice?" We all want football season to kick off already and this is just something to get us excited for the season. I think teams like it when a fight breaks out because it gets people talking about them. We will see what happens during the next preseason game on Sunday.

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