Pending the finalization of his hiring, the former congressmen could be a professor in 2021.

Beto O'Rourke was a congressmen that represented Texas 16th district from 2013 to 2019. He set his sights higher in recent years by running for Ted Cruz's senate seat and most recently as a Democratic presidential candidate. O'Rourke said he wants to connect with young adults so he has decided to teach politics at Texas State University.

“He originally approached people in the administration... and expressed an interest in teaching,” Texas State Political Science Chair Ken Grasso said. “I was thrilled. He's got a unique take on things with his experience as a congressman and as [a] senatorial candidate and even a presidential candidate. So we're very happy to have him.”

O'Rourke plans to teach the class face to face if the Covid-19 precautions allow him to. The class size will be kept to a minimum the university stated. The plan right now is for O'Rourke to only teach the one semester, but the university hopes this is the start to a long term relationship.

We will see how things go in the upcoming semester.

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