Ashton Kutcher asked his fans to text him and he actually responded in a big way.

Over in McAllen, Texas Monica Gutierrez saw that Ashton Kutcher was asking for his fans to text him. She was hoping that Ashton would be able to help one of her son's friends. Oswaldo Briones is her thirteen-year-old son who is currently running cross country. He has a friend who recently injured himself by running with his every day shoes.

Running cross country for long distances, you want a good pair of shoes. So Monica reached out to Ashton and she got a generic reply at first. She was later contacted by someone in Ashton's management who asked her what she needed. She sent them the boys shoe sizes and Ashton sent over brand new running shoes to the kids.

The team ended up winning their regional meet and placing third in the state. Monica told Click2Houston that most of the boys didn't know who he was. "Some of them were like 'Who is Ashton?' like some of them didn't even know," she said. "The moms were more excited than the kids were. The moms were the most excited of all."

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