Thank goodness this officer was at the right place, at the right time.

Back on December 9, Jeff Kempf and his wife were leaving the Dallas Cowboys game. This was that epic late catch by Amari Cooper to win the game against the Eagles. I joke around all the time that the Cowboys are going to give me a heart attack one day. That game is definitely one that had Cowboy's fans on edge. Jeff was already leaving the game in his car and went into cardiac arrest in the middle of an intersection.

Sergeant Vanessa Harrison stepped in and was able to administer chest compressions until EMTs where able to offer aid. Harrison said he flat-lined twice, but they were able to keep him alive. “I have wondered what would have happened. I do believe in divine intervention,” Harrison said. “It was meant for me to be there. It was meant for him to be at the intersection and not 200 feet up."

“I told them they were stuck with me,” she said with a smile. Kempf’s wife calls Harrison an angel and the community calls her a hero. Harrison humbly says she was doing her job. “For two nights after this happened, I couldn’t sleep,” she added. “I’ve done CPR many times in my career and the outcome wasn’t successful, but it was something about that connection that I had.”

Harrison will be honored today on National Law Enforcement day at AT&T Stadium. I have feeling this is how I could go one day. Having a heart attack after a Cowboy's game. Would be the way I picture myself going later in life.

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