I’m going to try my best to be objective about this, but it’s going to be pretty damn hard.

As you can tell by my profile pic, I’m a fan of the Cowboys. Therefore, I have been perpetually disappointed since 1997.

So, I came across a Twitter study that was done to determine which NFL team was thought to be the most overrated in each state and you guessed it – the Cowboys topped the list. NFL fans in 20 states think the ‘Boys are the most overrated team in the league.

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Fair enough. They definitely get more media coverage than any other team, but it’s been more negative than positive this year.

That’s what is so puzzling about the results of the study. I hope they’re wrong, but I haven’t heard anyone in the media (or anywhere else, for that matter) say they felt the Cowboys were Super Bowl bound in 2022.

And as far as we Cowboy fans go, we’re pretty much conditioned to them failing. The question is will they wait to break our hearts in January or will they go ahead and get it over with early on in the season?

Only time will tell how things shake out for The Cowboys this year. But just like every other fan I know I’ll still be right there in front of the TV on Sundays yelling at it as if the Cowboys can actually hear me.

And these days, it’s probably a good thing that they can’t hear me.


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