Every once-in-a-while a study will come along that leaves me scratching my head and here’s one of ‘em.

Maybe I’m a little biased seeing as I’m a big fan of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a native Texan. But with that being said, Leatherface isn’t my favorite villain. He’s certainly among my favorites, but that distinction goes to Michael Myers. Halloween is my favorite horror movie and it’s mostly because of him. There’s just something about that mask and his overall presence that has crept me out ever since I was a little one.

Anyway, enough about me. FrontierBundles.com used Google Trends to figure out which horror movie villain each state searched for most and determined Chucky from Child’s Play to be the most searched horror movie villain in the Lone Star State. In fact, Chucky was the third most searched villain in the United States. No offense to fans, but I never liked the Child’s Play movies. Chucky is a lame villain to me.

Our friends up in Oklahoma have great taste in horror movies, though. Even though they’re our natural rival, they’re apparently big fans of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as Leatherface is the most popular villain north of the Red River.

Most Popular Villains Map
Frontier Bundles

The biggest surprise for me is that neither Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees or Freddy Kreuger made the list. I’ve always considered them to be the Big Three, if you will, but I guess that’s just me.

Get more details from the study here.

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