As its been nearly three years since the last time we paid respect to the hotties of a more advanced age, we have a whole slew of new hotties hit the age to be added to the list.

If this is the first time you're seeing one of our lists like this, let me explain. More often than not, you see websites online showing off beautiful women in their 20s and 30s. They're so heavily featured that some people tend to forget that many women are like a fine wine and just get better and better with age, so here we highlight amazingly beautiful women who are at or beyond the 45-year-old mark.

And there are many women who apply for such a list, as this is our fifth go-around!

  • Tricia Helfer, Almost 45-Years-Old

    Like our previous lists, we'll fudge the entrance age just a bit to highlight a hottie just shy of 45. This time, its Tricia Helfer, who first came up on the pop-culture radar for her work as Number Six on 'Battlestar Galactica'. Afterwards, she split her time between television and voice-over work, voicing the hot AI robot Edi in the 'Mass Effect' series and Sonya Blade in 'Mortal Kombat X' (Seriously, how the hell is Ronda Rousey, the woman who couldn't do a pro wrestling promo if her life depended on it, a suitable replacement?!) Most recently, she used her sinful good looks as the devil's mother in a two-season run on 'Lucifer'.

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  • Brandi Love, 45-Years-Old

    Remember guys, if your lady asks, you have no idea who this woman is!

    At 45-years-old, Brandi Love is at an age for a porn star where their popularity has seen better days and they're relegated to specialty MILF videos. But with Brandi's looks and extremely toned physique, she's been able to carve out a niche as possibly the hottest and most successful MILF in the history of porn, holding an overall ranking of #5 on PornHub, ranking along with women 20 years younger than her.

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  • Heidi Klum, 45-Years-Old

    As a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model, it was pretty much a guarantee that Heidi Klum would end up on this list when she hit 45. Apart from her amazing looks, which she's been known to show off at topless beaches, she's got a fun personality to match, making headlines every Halloween with her over-the-top costumes. And let's not forget that the attached picture is how she looks after having multiple children with her ex-husband Seal.

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  • Lena Headey, 45-Years-Old

    Be honest, watching 'Game of Thrones', you're torn between hating Cerci for being a horrible lady, but loving to look at her. Many people were disappointed to find out that her all-nude walk of shame on the show was a body double, but they tend to forget she bared all in the film '300'. Most recently, Headey appear as the mother of WWE wrestler Paige in the film 'Fighting with my Family', being a beautiful lady who will kick your ass at the drop of a hat.

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  • Shannon Elizabeth, 45-Years-Old

    We've covered this before, but Shannon Elizabeth is a horrible actress. Her acting has never been a drawing force in her career, which included such gems as 'Tomcats' and 'Jack Frost', where she's attacked in the shower by a killer snowman. I know, how did she never win an Oscar?!

    But we have to be honest that her topless scene in the first 'American Pie' is an iconic one in the spirit of Phoebe Cates in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'. And while her career has been stagnant, her looks seem to have stayed top-notch.

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  • Alyssa Milano, 46-Years-Old

    For many straight men growing up in the 80s, Alyssa Milano was their first first crush. Hell, I'm willing to bet some gay guys crushed on her as well. After growing up before America's eyes on 'Who's the Boss', Milano fell off the map for a bit before making headlines by showing skin in 'Embrace of the Vampire'. Aftewards, her career was revitalized with the series 'Charmed', playing a witch who was apparently deathly allergic to bras.

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  • Carmen Electra, 46-Years-Old

    One of the hottest women of the late 90s, early 2000s, Carmen Electra posters and calendars regularly adorned college dorm walls. Her appearances in Playboy usually meant a boost in sales, and she was able to parlay that fame into a career in horrible spoof movies.

    The only downside, this is a woman who has had sex with Dennis Rodman and Dave Navaro. Statistically, that's a 450% chance she's had the Clap.

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  • Gabrielle Union - 46-Years-Old

    You have to give Gabrielle Union all the credit in the world for appearing in teen movies like 'Bring it On' and '10 Things I Hate About You', and nearly 20 years later looking like she could still pull of a college-aged character. Seriously, she's 46 and could pass for 26. Her biggest on-screen role happened in 2003 when she appeared in 'Bad Boys II' as Martin Lawrence's little sister, a role she's reprising 16 years later in her own spin-off television series 'L.A.'s Finest'.

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  • Rebecca Romijn, 46-Years-Old

    Another Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model, Rebecca Romijn went from the pages of Sports Illustrated to a film and television career, appearing almost nothing but body paint and pasties as 'Mystique' in the original X-Men trilogy.

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  • Sofia Vergara, 46-Years-Old

    Colombian born Sofia Vergara is pretty much the sexiest thing with an accent since Selma Hayek. Much like Hayek, Vergara has proven to be a talent in film and television where she doesn't need to rely on her looks to get work, getting voice work along with on-screen appearances. But in all honesty, her looks have served her well and continue to do so, playing the dual role of a the MILF while being the trophy wife to Ed O'Neil on 'Modern Family'.

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  • Tara Strong, 46-Years-Old

    Tara Strong is one of those voice actresses who turns heads with her voice and her looks. Lending her vocal talents to characters from DC shows and video games, to cartoons like 'My Little Pony' and 'Powerpuff Girls', she's probably best known as the voice of Harley Quinn in animated features and the last two 'Arkham Games'. But her love for the character of Harley Quinn goes beyond just voicing her, as she's been known to dress up as the character for cons, putting cosplayers half her age to shame!

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  • Dr. Sandra Lee, 48-Years-Old

    Having seen her hands more than any other part of her body in her viral videos, many people were shocked to see that Dr. Pimple Popper is an amazingly beautiful woman. As a dermatologist, it makes sense she'd take care of her skin, but she's done so that makes it hard to believe she's pushing 50. You've got to wonder how many guys purposely don't pop their own zits just to make an appointment for her to take a crack at them.

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  • Maria Bello, 51-Years-Old

    For many, Maria Bello first showed up as the owner of 'Coyote Ugly'. Following it up with appearances on shows like 'ER' and recently becoming a regular on 'NCIS', but she really dropped some jaws in 2005 in 'A History of Violence', donning a cheerleader outfit and having a romp in the sack with Viggo Mortensen.

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  • Connie Nielsen, 53-Years-Old

    You have to be something special to be cast as the mother of Wonder Woman and the queen of Amazons. But her role as Queen Hippolyta isn't the only time she's played gorgeous royalty in her career, having played the daughter of the former Roman emperor in 'Gladiator'. But most noteworthy in her regal career was her run as the princess of hell, the daughter of Satan in 'The Devil's Advocate', with a hot and sacrilegious nude reference to Jesus on the cross.

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  • Michelle Yeoh, 56-Years-Old

    Being a Bond girl gets you so many points in my book, but being one of the extreme few Bond girls who would legitimately whoop Bond's ass, that's a winner right there. Yeoh has held her own against some of the best leading action stars, playing opposite Pierce Brosnan in his sophmore Bond film, 'Tomorrow Never Dies', and Jackie Chan in 'Supercop'. She's also showed one hell of an elegant side with roles in movies like 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. While she's mainly known by Chinese audiences, there's hope that she'll get the proper recognition in the states with her appearances on the new Star Trek series and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

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