At lunch recently, some colleagues and I began talking about celebrities and how some age much better than others. That naturally led to the question of which aging celebrities still do it for us, and I came up with some surprising answers. The criteria were that the individual must be over the age of 40, which is actually still quite young, but beyond that everyone is fair game. We'd like to know who your pick is, so chime in on this one. Without further ado, in no particular order, I present the top picks for those around the office here at Townsquare Media.

Bethany Lee

Of course I’ll begin with myself because, well, I can. I’ve selected Alec Baldwin as my aging hottie. At 54, he’s a mega-talent that doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. He looked great in his younger years and he still looks great today, plus he has amazing comedic timing, which doesn’t hurt. Oh, and he likes Words With Friends. That’s pretty cool.

Mike Hendren

Mike selected Ann Margret, and I have to give a big thumbs up. At 71-years-old, Ann has been a sex symbol for decades. Even in Grumpy Old Men she was the hot minx who moved to town and steamed up the entire street, even though she wasn’t your typical Hollywood leading lady (a.k.a., 21-years-old).


Dave Diamond

Elizabeth Shue was Dave’s choice, and he didn’t need to think about it before giving me an answer. Elizabeth has recently signed on with CSI, and at 48 she looks as great as she did at 28. Now we’ll get to enjoy her playing the smart detective, which that in itself is a turn-on.


Johnny Thrash

Johnny still has a taste for Meryl Streep. Perhaps it was her dominatrix-like attitude in The Devil Wears Prada, but I think it’s more likely that at 62, this woman still looks great. Sure, she’s aged over the years, but it’s creepy when people don’t (see Tom Cruise). I hope we’ll still see plenty of Meryl in the years to come, as she’s so enjoyable to watch on the big screen.



Sophia Loren, at 77-years-old, is still amazing. I imagine that she still has just as much attitude as she would need to at her age as well. She’s been acting for over 60 years, and movies just aren’t made the same without her as the young starlet. At her age, she’s now in a position where a couple of years ago, she played her own mother in a film about her life. And check out those gams! Hot!


P.J. Grundy (Intern Extraordinaire)

I have to agree with P.J.’s selection of Halle Berry. At 45, she’s still pretty young, but I think she looks more amazing every year. Hollywood bodies may be a dime a dozen, but Halle can pull off a dress on the red carpet like no other. She’s also proven as of late that she’s a badass, taking on the paparazzi when they came to her kid’s school.


Aaron Galloway

Julia Roberts will always be a classic, and at 44-years-old she’s still Pretty Woman. I’ve always loved watching her romantic films, and I like to think that Aaron likes watching them as well. I’m picturing him snuggled up on the couch with popcorn and Notting Hill, crying into a tissue when she says she’s “Just a girl, stan


Kory King

Kory made a wise choice with Sandra Bullock. She’s one of my personal all-time favorite actresses, and at 47–years-old, she’s stunning. I once heard her say in an interview that one of her favorite dishes is biscuits and gravy, and there’s something about that down-to-earth attitude that makes her even more appealing. Me-ow.


Chris Calloway

Best known for her roles in Silver Spoons and Buck Rogers, Erin Gray is 62-years-old and still looks great. She’s still acting, but not in leading roles. Either way, staying in Hollywood as a working actress is a feat by itself, and Erin is showing that she still looks amazing. In fact, in my opinion, better than she did back in her Silver Spoon days.


Robbie Cage

As the youngest member of the “aging” group, Jennifer Aniston checks in at just 43-years-old. Reports recently surfaced that she spends over $140,000 a year on beauty products and treatments, a claim that Aniston denies. Whatever she’s doing, she looks amazing. Not only can she rock a bikini with the 16-year-olds, she looks better than most of them. Well, if I’m to be honest, she looks better than most people on the planet.


Patrica Stewart

My friends and I used to ask one another, “One word, Sean Connery, yes or no.” Regardless of your answer, you can’t deny that Sean Connery, at 81, still oozes sex appeal. While he doesn’t look the same as he did in his James Bond days, he’s still just as talented, and he’s still just as enjoyable to watch on film.


Pamela Tracy

Richard Gere is a great choice. When I re-watched Pretty Woman a couple of weeks ago, I was struck once again by just how attractive this man is. Sure, he has a little more white hair since then, and a few more wrinkles, but I don’t live in a glass house so I can’t throw stones. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.