The beauty of doing a list like this (no pun intended) is that we never seem to run out of entries since every year we get more beautiful ladies who hit that 45-year-old mark.

If you're not familiar with our semi-regular look at beauties over the age of 45, we do this to honor those women who have aged like a fine wine. So many sites on the internet focus on the younger beauties in the public eye, and while there's nothing wrong with that, there's a whole world of older ladies who are, in many instances, far more stunning than any of Hollywood's new "It" ladies.

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    Charlize Theron, Almost 45-Years-Old

    Every time we do these, we fudge the criteria a bit just to make sure a couple lovely 44-year-olds make the list, and we really didn't want to wait until August for Charlize Theron to hit 45. Not only has Theron been one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood since the late 90s, she's by far one of the most talented, and that just goes to make her hotter. The Academy Award winning actress is looking to add another gold statue to her collection, being nominated for another Oscar for her work in the film 'Bombshell'.


    Trish & Lita, Almost 45-Years-Old

    Patricia Stratigeas and Amy Dumas were everything right with women's wrestling in the Attitude Era. Two decades later, the WWE Hall of Famers have shown they can still hold their own against the young women today. Both women have aged insanely well for an industry known to be exceedingly hard of people's bodies.

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    Alyson Hannigan, 45-Years-Old

    People may remember Hannigan from her run on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', or her more recent work on 'How I Met Your Mother', but for many she was the geeky girl who put her flute some place special. And with each successive 'American Pie' movie, Hannigan just got hotter and hotter, and now at 45 and a mother, she's definitely a MILF.

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    Danica McKellar, 45-Years-Old

    Winnie Cooper is 45 now?! Danica McKellar is the perfect combination of brains and beauty, being a legitimate mathematical genius and the apparent founder of the fountain of youth. Graduating from UCLA with a degree in mathematics, and helping to prove a mathematical theorem, McKellar has written a few books to encourage young girls in school, and continues to post her age-defying workouts on social media.

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    Elizabeth Banks, 45-Years-Old

    Elizabeth Banks shows that a woman in power is incredibly sexy. Already a gorgeous woman with drool-worthy appearances in '40-Year-Old Virgin' and 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno', Banks has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with behind the camera by producing the 'Pitch Perfect' trilogy, and producing, writing, directing, and appearing in the 'Charlie's Angels' reboot.

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    Tiffani Thiessen, 45-Years-Old

    How old does it make you feel to know that Kelly Kapowski is in her mid-40s? Amazingly, no matter the role she plays, of the age she hits, Tiffani Thiessen has maintained the girl-next-door look longer than any actress in history. Here's hoping Kelly Kapowski will return along side Zack, Jessie, and Slater in the upcoming 'Saved by the Bell' revival.

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    Kate Beckinsale, 46-Years-Old

    No matter what movies Kate Beckinsale has done or will do, she'll always been remembered for the skin-tight, leather-clad vampire Selene in the 'Underworld' series. Beckinsale's charm and beauty are strong enough to even make a crap-fest of a movie like 'Tiptoes' watchable (Seriously, its one of the worst movies ever made. Check out the trailer HERE.)

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    Sasha Alexander, 46-Years-Old

    There's a joke is that your grandparents are likely to be more familiar with Sasha Alexander than you with her previous work on geriatric-favorites like 'NCIS' and 'Rizzoli & Isles'. But Sasha Alexander is definitely someone you want to keep on your radar. While Alexander was finishing up 'Rizzoli & Isles' on basic cable, she was surprising fans by stripping down for some very steamy scenes in an 11-episode run on Showtime's 'Shameless' (Google it. You're welcome.)

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    Leslie Mann, 47-Years-Old

    Does it seem fair that Judd Apatow has helped tarnish the word of cinematic comedies (sorry, not a fan), yet he gets to go home to this lovely lady? A regular of Apatow's comedies, Mann has a distinction that not many women in the history of Hollywood have, not using a body double for nude scenes, but still not showing anything. Though Mann's characters have appeared topless on screen, Mann never actually disrobed, with the scenes being achieved by either CGI or prosthetics. Sorry guys.

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    Aisha Tyler, 49-Years-Old

    At nearly 50, Aisha Tyler looks almost exactly like she did almost 20 years ago in her first major role, a nine-episode run on 'Friends'. Since then, Tyler has kept busy and versatile, branching into serious roles on shows like '24' and 'Criminal Minds' while still staying true to her comedy roots with roles in 'Balls of Fury' and as a regular cast member on 'Archer'.

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    Kim Rhodes, 50-Years-Old

    Kim Rhodes is one that may not be familiar to mainstream audiences, but that's their loss. Millennials might recognize Rhodes as the mom from 'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody', but more recently its her fan-favorite role as Sheriff Jody Mills on 'Supernatural' that gets people's attention. As the maternal character to the Winchester boys, Rhodes is regularly wearing long-sleeve flannel shirts, so we never get to see the incredibly sexy half-sleeve and stomach tats she flaunts in her time off-set.

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    Lucy Liu, 51-Years-Old

    Earlier we had a 'Charlie's Angels' connection with Elizabeth Banks, but here we have a connection to when the movies were actually good :)

    Apart from the fan-revered, campy 'Charlie's Angels' movies, Lucy Liu's career has been full of fantastic performances in movies like 'Shanghai Noon', and her gender-bending Dr. Watson on 'Elementary'. But one of her most memorable roles has to be O-Ren Ishii in 'Kill Bill', which some have called her hottest role on attitude alone.

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    Terry Farrell, 56-Years-Old

    Where the arrival of Jeri Ryan saved 'Star Trek: Voyger', the loss of Terry Farrell arguably led to the demise of 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'. Farrell's run as Jadzia Dax on DS9 is one of the most beloved characters in all of Star Trek, and asking, "Who is the hottest woman in Star Trek?" will likely result on the answer of Jeri Ryan or Farrell, and then a geek fight over the hottest between the two. But the Star Trek edge must go to Farrell as she's not only a beloved character in the world of Trek, but she's also a Nimoy, having married Leonard Nimoy's son in 2018.

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    E.G. Daily , 58-Years-Old

    Elizabeth Daily should not only look familiar, but should also sound familiar. Many fans remember her as Dottie from 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure', but if you close your eyes you'll hear the voices of Tommy Pickles from 'Rugrats' and Buttercup from 'The Powerpuff Girls'. More recently, Daily has been a regular in Rob Zombie films, appearing as Candy the prostitute in 'The Devil's Rejects', and then at 55-years-old playing the scantily-clad, Harley Quinn knock-off, Sexhead in '31' (Go out of your way to see that movie).

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    Dana Delany, 63-Years-Old

    Yes, Dana Delany appeared without a stitch in 'Exit to Eden', and was the most beautiful woman in the Old West in 'Tombstone', but Dana Delany's beauty was so iconic in the 90s that it was a punchline in the opening of 'Animaniacs' (CLICK HERE).