President Trump will be doing his first rally in months up in Oklahoma and people are already in line for the event.

Last week we let you know that President Trump was going to be coming to Oklahoma for his first rally since the coronavirus started shutting down events throughout our country. President Trump has also moved the date of the rally to this Saturday instead of Juneteenth at the request of Governor Stitt and others. It also looks like the venue won't be able to handle all of the people that have requested tickets.

The BOK Center in Tulsa can hold 19,000 people. President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence say that nearly one million people have requested tickets to the event. The rally is five days away and people are already starting to lineup outside the BOK center. Governor Stitt is possibly looking for a bigger venue to meet the demand, but the BOK Center is one of the bigger venues in the Tulsa area.

Health officials, including Tulsa County Health Department Director Bruce Dart, have voiced concerns about having so many people in a confined space, noting both the state and Tulsa have seen daily highs in the number of positive cases in recent days. People attending the rally have already agreed to a coronavirus waiver before getting their tickets.

President Trump's campaign team will also apparently be handing out face masks at the door, but attendees will not be required to wear them. "I haven't heard of any policy of mandatory mask wearing at this point," Oklahoma County Republican Party Chairman David McLain said, "but that's fluid and could possibly change." We will see what happens before Saturday if any changes are made.

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