It's a dog-eat-dog world, you say? Try gator-eat-gator.

In this video, an alligator measuring somewhere between 11 and 12 feet helps itself to a smaller alligator in a chilling cannibalistic moment. This shiver-worthy meal happened at Florida's Circle B Bar Reserve and we'd have to imagine reaction in the alligator community (which has no qualms about scaring us measly humans) is mixed because this critter is clearly the kind of tunnel-visioned monster that would eat his own kid for breakfast and spit him back out to get ahead (or a tail, in this case).

There's probably one group that's all like, "Hey, don't mess with that dude. He's not afraid to eat you."

Then, there's probably the liberal faction that is out protesting amidst claims this gator is the fiercest cannibal since Mr. Lecter was polishing off his Stouffer's frozen human kidney dinners with a nice chilled Chianti.

No matter where you stand, one thing is sure: this alligator eating his own is not the sharpest tool in the shed, even if he has the sharpest teeth in the reserve.

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