After the recent tragedy where 2-year-old Lane Graves, was pulled into the water at a Disney World resort by an alligator, many people are more alert and concerned about the dangers of these animals. While you may think that living in Texoma keeps you safe from a gator, the Army Corps of Engineers says that that is not true.

In December, KXII News reported on a photo of an alligator in the Butcher's Pen area of Lake Texoma. The picture was taken by an Army Corps ranger and wasn't the first time that a gator has been confirmed at the lake.

Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Specialist Paul Balkenbush says that although sightings aren't common, they are more frequent in the right habitat. Though there have been occasional sightings in the more popular areas of the lake, they are usually reserved for the marshier and swampier areas.

Balkenbush says that even though Lake Texoma is a man-made lake, it's fed by natural rivers and streams, which may have led to the alligators moving into the Oklahoma and Texas region. Besides the picture shared in December, he says the Corps snapped a few other photos of gators in the last year.

They warn people to treat any gator they see with respect. The animals can grow as big as 15 feet long and there have been sightings where people claimed to see 10-12 foot gators at and around Lake Texoma and on the Red River.

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