Not content to terrify us solely in the water, alligators may be branching out.

A man in Cape Coral, Fla. took a picture of what he believes is an alligator in the branch of a tree.

Yeah, have fun trying to get some shuteye without worrying the next time Junior spends the night in that treehouse of his.

Ronald Saracino is the man who saw the creature. He says there's no doubt in his mind it was a gator up there:

Saw something in a tree, at first I thought maybe it was a lizard. The more I looked at it, the more I thought it was actually probably a 5-foot gator. I know people are not going to believe it, but I 100 percent believe it was a gator!"

Sure, it sounds sensational, but alligators do have the ability to scale over walls or fences. Or even show up at your house as guests wanted as much as in-laws. But a word to the wise: just because they can make land doesn't mean you should give them to someone else.

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