This is the type of show we need for the Super Bowl Halftime

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According to my social media feed, y'all were very divided on yesterday's halftime performance by Rihanna. Some thought the flying platforms were exciting, while others thought the performance was a little too racy.

With that performance being so divisive, I thought I share with you a more wholesome act from the halftime of Texas Tech Versus K state a couple of nights ago.

Scooby Doo, where are you?

So the name of the act is "Christian and Scooby," and as the video at the bottom of this article opens, Christian, the human, is doing front somersaults in the middle of the arena.  Scooby, the Chihuahua, is running along on top of Christians staying upright as Christian rolls.

Steady, STEADY

Then, Christian comes to a complete stop in a curled-up headstand, which allows Scooby to carefully walk over to the souls of Christian's feet.

The crowd goes wild!

Scooby balances on the shoes and is slowly lifted into the air as those in attendance lose their collective minds, cheering and yelling as the two performers bask in a job well done. Check out this cuter-than-it-should-be performance for yourself below.

The reviews are in, and they're all positive.

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