AC/DC has any number of products on the market now, including their own pinball machine, which I’ve played and find to be a lot of fun. Now the group is bringing something else to the market – wine! It’s something the band has had for a while in Australia, but now we’ll be able to try out their tasty beverages for ourselves right here at home.

The wine was first brought to Australia last fall, and since their release, over 50,000 cases have been sold. There are four varieties for fans to drink up: Back in Black Shiraz, Highway to Hell Cabernet Sauvignon, Thunderstruck Chardonnay, and Hells Bells Sauvignon Blanc. It sounds like there’s a fifth wine coming soon, with that one being You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato.

It sounds as though the group has a variety for nearly any palate, but the big question is, at $17.99 a bottle, are they worth the price?

Peter Jackson, a man who’s company reviews wines, had this to say:

Traditionally all Winestate judging’s are run exactly the same as any typical wine review program. With over 10,000 wines judged every year, more than 60% of wines submitted are not recommended. The new AC/DC wine label is not only very clever marketing, it’s actually quite a very good wine!

If you’d like to get your hands on a bottle or four now, you can do so online through As for getting them in stores, they’ll be hitting national, regional, and local outlets soon.

As a wine drinker myself, I’m excited to try these wines. They’ve been selling well, and people don’t generally purchase wine that they don’t like. Granted, many of those purchases were probably a first time try, but if they weren’t good, they wouldn’t be making their way over here.

Do you drink wine? What variety do you want to try? Personally I want to try the Thunderstruck Chardonnay…