Hopefully a little knowledge will ease your nerves this storm season.

The thing about tornadoes, to me, is that they’re equal parts fascinating and frightening. No, I’ve never had the desire to go chasing after the things, but I can’t look away when I’m watching one on video.

Luckily, we have storm chasers like James Spann who are willing to take the risk and chase after them in an effort to learn more about them, but most importantly, to keep people safe.

In the above clip, Spann takes you through the life of a tornado. He describes how they go from supercell thunderstorms to twisters before being drawn back into the supercell.

The video is definitely geared toward those of us who enjoy a good science lesson, but it’s not so super-technical as to go over the average person’s head.

Now that you’ve armed yourself with the knowledge of how tornadoes work, take a few minutes to read up on what should be in your emergency kit before the next round of severe weather heads our way.

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