What could possibly go wrong when you decide to hit up a strip club at 3 am?

A Moore man learned to answer to that question the hard way after he and a stripper from the club made a couple of new “friends” at a 24-hour restaurant after leaving the club.

Long story short, the victim struck up conversation with two men because he liked the Jeep they were driving.  That led to the men taking him and the stripper to a storage facility to check out some Jeep parts they had for sale.

The victim claims they were “ordered” to snort cocaine while inside the storage facility. The two men then demanded money from the victim and then drove him out to the sticks and dropped him off naked. The police were called after someone in the neighborhood spotted him.

Keep that in mind next time you have a bad day. It may be bad, but hopefully it’s not kidnapped, stripped, robbed and abandoned in the woods kind of bad.