Every Halloween you have people dress up as topical moments of the year. Looks like some of you had the same idea for 2021.

Back in February, the week long freeze happened in Texas. Millions were without power in the state for days. People were literally freezing to death in their homes and people wanted answers as to when power would be restored. Texas Senator Ted Cruz during this time thought it was best to take a vacation.

Now he stated that this vacation was already booked before the freeze came in and he was not trying to get out of the state. Seemed a little suspicious to me at the time. Looks like others did not forget about this time in Texas and decided to dress up as our Senator for Halloween this past weekend. This one has Ted's dog to go along with it above.

This one was actually retweeted by the Senator. I don't think the person is a fan of Ted Cruz. They have now changed their name to 'Ted Cruz smells like hot dog water'.

Female Ted Cruz with a clear message on her luggage for how they feel about the Senator.

Finally, this guy was literally traveling over the weekend at the airport or he drove all the way there just to make this photo. Either way it's one of my favorites simply for the extra gut he gave the Senator.

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I'm sure some other folks might have done this for Halloween, but these are just the ones I spotted. If you know of anymore let me know.

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