Looks like Major League Baseball moving the All Star Game out of Georgia could have major repercussions for the league.

Just a few weeks ago, it was one of my favorite days of the year. Opening day for baseball. Sadly, the talk of the MLB the past few weeks has been the league's decision to move the All Star Game out of Atlanta. The reason for this is Georgia announcing stricter voting laws. You can read the full list of everything Georgia is doing here.

I personally only have a problem with the Bill when it comes to handing out food or water to folks waiting in line.

No person shall solicit votes in any manner or by any means or method, nor shall any person distribute or display any campaign material, nor shall any person give, offer to give, or participate in the giving of any money or gifts, including, but not limited to, food and drink, to an elector, nor shall any person solicit signatures for any petition, nor shall any person, other than election officials discharging their duties, establish or set up any tables or booths on any day in which ballots are being cast (1) Within 150 feet of the outer edge of any building within which a polling place is.

I know this part of the bill seemed unnecessary to a lot of folks. Especially with some parts of Atlanta having people wait over five hours to vote in the previous election. So MLB made the decision to move the game and this upset a lot of folks. Including Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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He wants to strike back at the league by removing their anti-trust immunity. The Supreme Court made the decision almost 100 years ago. Basically, another league could not start to compete with MLB. The Supreme Court back in 1922 said baseball was just a game and did not have to regulated to interstate commerce.

Other professional sports leagues don't have to deal with this. We've had the XFL and USFL try to compete with the NFL. They can, because they do not have this immunity. Senator Cruz wants that to go away. “If they’re gonna play partisan enforcer, they shouldn’t expect to see special goodies from Washington when they are dishonestly acting to favor one party against the other,” Cruz told reporters in a news conference alongside fellow Republican U.S. Sens. Josh Hawley of Missouri and Mike Lee of Utah.

We will see if this goes anywhere, but I wouldn't expect to see Ted Cruz at a MLB game anytime soon.

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