When you have to go you have to go, but there are some places you want to avoid if possible when dropping the kids off at the pool.

Mandatory.com just released their ranking of the 10 worst places to poop. So where are these places?

Chances are you've been forced to pinch off a loaf in at least one of these spots. Check out the list below.

1.  The in-laws' house.

2.  A port-a-potty at a music festival.

3.  A hotel room bathroom when you're sharing a room with your significant other.

4.  Any and all gas station.

5.  At school when you were a little kid.

6.  The co-ed communal dorm bathroom.

7.  An airplane.

8.  Anywhere when you were just swimming and have to pull down your wet bathing suit, then pull it back up.

9.  A bar.

10.  The middle stall in the office bathroom.

Do you agree? Let us know and add your own awkward place to drop a deuce in the comments below.