It is being reported that Shinedown has entered the studio to begin work on their fifth studio album. The new album will follow up the band's 2012 album Amaryllis, which debuted at Number 4 on the Billboard charts.

Amaryllis has spawned four number one singles including "Bully," "Enemies," "Unity," and "I'll Follow You." The fifth single from the album, "Adrenaline," is currently at Number 5 on the Mainstream Rock Charts and climbing.

While a lot of details are not known about the upcoming album yet, drummer Barry Kerch has said the band has a ton of material ready to go, saying, "I'd say well over 30 songs. There's quite a bit of material out there, it's just, is it gonna work? Is it gonna flow with whatever that record's sound is at that time? Because really, records are a time capsule of what you're going through at that period in your life, so once you start piecing that together, even if it's a good song or a song that you really like, is it gonna fit on this record man? You have to go through that whole process. It can be painstaking for sure, but in the end you get a great record."

Shinedown was also scheduled to release an acoustic covers album at the end of 2013, but thanks to Bon Jovi, who refused to give them permission to use his song, the album has been delayed until further notice.

So if everything works out, we may be seeing a ton of new music from Shinedown this year. Let's just hope everything works out.