Devour the Day made a huge splash with their debut single, 'Good Man', and now the band are looking to replicate that success with the new one, 'Move On'.

Devour the Day emerged from the ashes of Egypt Central when the band's main songwriters Joey 'Chicago' Walser and Blake Allison decided to stick together and expand their horizons beyond what was going on with Egypt Central. Walser explained in a recent interview with Loudwire:

Blake and I were writing at my house in Little Rock and Blake’s an experienced producer and engineer, so we were just creating organically and there was nothing keeping us from being who we wanted to be and we really found the sound that we felt was a true expansion of the music we were influenced by and also gave us the ability to go in a direction we would never go with Egypt Central. And then, in that, and really in the love of the music we were writing, we developed Devour the Day.

Hey - if you're not doing it for love, you're not doing it for the right reason and it's even better when you're having success doing what you love. Hopefully the band have themselves a hit on their hands with 'Move On'. Check the song out and tell us if you think it's got the goods to dominate the charts.