I'm not a huge basketball fan, but I know enough to realize when something totally awesome happens. The other night the Portland Trail Blazers were taking on the Sacramento Kings and they were down 117-105 with only a 1:12 left on the clock.

Their chances of making a comeback were almost zero. But that didn't stop second year point guard Damian Lillard from trying.

Lillard went off on the Kings, scoring 14 points in only 49 seconds, and although his team would end up losing the game 123-119, he proved that the Blazers won't go down without a fight.

Lillard ended the game with a career high 41 points, 26 of which came in the fourth quarter, which was enough to break the franchise record for most points scored in a single quarter. It only makes it more amazing that over half of his 26 fourth quarter points came in the final minute.