Here's some disturbing news, no one is rushing to reunite Disturbed. Now are you really surprised? Vocalist David Draiman has his new group Device which has landed a top five hit on the Rock Radio Charts with "Vilify" and fellow Disturbed band mates Dan Donegan(guitar) and Mike Wengren(drums) are preparing for the release of their debut album, A Life By Design?, with their new band Fight or Flight on July 23, so everyone seems pretty busy with their own stuff right now.

Donegan recently told Zoiks! Online that he really can't give fans an answer about when the band will end its current hiatus and record a new album. Donegan explained, "I don't want to disappoint Disturbed fans, but truthfully, as long as a career as we've had, we're very fortunate and we appreciate the fans and we feel very close and connected to them and I just need to be really honest with them and say that there has been nothing talked about at all. I know we ended things with people assuming that nobody is leaving Disturbed, nobody's quitting and it's not done, but on the other hand, nobody is really rushing to get back to it either."

Don't get too upset though, Donegan also went on the tell fans as well as the group's record label that they can expect some new Disturbed eventually, saying, "We all know that in the business world, they would prefer that we keep rolling with Disturbed, and a lot of fans would like that too, and you know what? That will probably happen. We'll probably come back because Disturbed is still our baby. It's everything we wanted, it's everything we built, and nobody's ever talked about not wanting to ever do Disturbed again."

So until that moment when Disturbed comes back together, we are going to have to be happy with the band members individual projects, which shouldn't be to disappointing. Look forward to Fight or Flight's debut album and check out their first official music video, "First of the Last," below.