Let's see what you think about 'Leaving', the new one from Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan's new band Fight or Flight.

After going through what he called 'withdrawals from the road' during Disturbed's hiatus in 2012, Donegan reached out to Evans Blue vocalist Dan Chandler and the two began to lay the groundwork for what would become Fight or Flight. The guys ended up cutting fourteen songs without anyone at Disturbed's record label even knowing they were doing anything.

All fourteen tracks made it to Fight or Flight's debut album, A Life by Design with 'First of the Last' being the first single offered to radio. The tune didn't achieve quite the success Donegan's used to with Disturbed but the band continue to soldier on, this time with the power ballad, 'Leaving'. Check that bad boy out and tell us what you think in the below poll.