Disturbed has been on hiatus since 2011, and we all know lead singer David Draiman has a new band, Device, which just released their first album and is currently enjoying the fruits of their labor, but what about the rest of Disturbed? Well, bassist John Moyer is touring with the band Adrenaline Mob, meanwhile, guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren have formed a new project titled Fight or Flight, and are preparing to release their first album, A Life By Design? on July 23(you can pre-order it now).

They've already released the first single, First of the Last, which you can check out the lyrical video for below. The band also features Evans Blue singer Dan Chandler, Sean Corcoran of Ra on bass and Jeremy Jayson on guitar.

Wengren recently discussed the new single saying, "Well, that was one of the later songs that was written. I was really excited about it, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and it was just exciting to go into the studio and be able to play it. That one's a really fun one for me as a drummer -- it's a good mover."