Time to get excited about a new season of 'The Walking Dead,' and also get ready to get super drunk this year while watching. I kind of feel obligated to buy at least a six pack of this stuff.

OK, everyone is going to judge me for this, but I don't watch 'The Walking Dead' when it airs live on Sunday nights. Why? Simply because it comes on during football season and I am usually blackout wasted by the time 'The Walking Dead' comes on. So I just enjoy a nice binge session when the season goes to Netflix. Yes, I am aware I am far behind, but I will eventually get caught up.

I already know this show has some hardcore fans. If you tell someone you aren't watching this show, they look at you like you have three heads. Well, to get in on the hardcore fandom, the beer company Terrapin has come out with a 'Walking Dead' beer. They call it a Blood Orange IPA.

Now with this new beer, you need a 'Walking Dead' drinking game. I found a good one from BuzzFeed, but that one only works for that one season. I say every time a zombie dies, take a sip of beer. Depending on the episode, you may get too drunk. Have fun.

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