Here's the hypothetical question of all hypothetical questions:

If you wouldn't get fired, if you wouldn't get demoted, if you wouldn't have your salary docked, if you wouldn't get arrested, if there were no consequences at all; would you punch your boss in the face?

In a new survey by askmen.com, 71% of men in the U.S. say no (liars) and 29% of men say absolutely, they'd punch their boss right in the face.

The survey found people are much more eager to take a consequences-free swing at a coworker rather than their boss.

52% of men say they'd take a swing at a coworker if they could get away with it. That means the majority of men want to punch a coworker.

In the same survey last year, 32% of men said they'd punch their boss, and 52% said they'd punch a co-worker. Looks like we still have quite a bit of hidden aggression in the workplace.

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