They say that everything’s bigger in Texas, and that’s true, even when it comes to belt buckles. Last weekend, people lined up to see what was hiding behind the curtain at Dallas Market Hall. What they found left some speechless, and others in awe. Behind the curtain at the Montana Silversmiths exhibit, was a giant belt buckle that’s over 10 feet tall, and 14 feet wide.

Last weekend, the Western English and Apparel Market trade show, stopped by Dallas Market Hall. It is one of the largest touring western wear and apparel trade shows, which consists of 600 product lines, and over 3,400 different retailers. It also is the largest trade event for the equestrian industry.

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Montana Silversmith’s, which specializes in the manufacturing of belt buckles, was one of the retailers at the trade show. They wanted to do something really big to celebrate the companies upcoming 50th anniversary, and a cake with balloons wasn’t going to cut it. To commemorate the occasion, Montana Silversmiths decided to try and break the world record for the ‘World’s Largest Belt Buckle’.

Weighing at 1,000 pounds this belt buckle is set to make the Guinness Book of World Records. In order to qualify as a world record, the belt has to be authentic, meaning that “theoretically”, it has to be able to be worn by a “really, really big cowboy”.

I think that this belt buckle may be a perfect fit for Big Tex at the State Fair of Texas. You can check out the ‘World’s Largest Belt Buckle’ from WFAA-TV in Dallas below.


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