If this is their wedding reception, I love this couple and would want to be friends with them. 

I sort of tricked you guys. This is actually a Minnesota Wild home game, but they were playing the Dallas Stars. I am going to assume they're actually Wild fans and probably hate the Dallas Stars. Either way, I love this couple.

This past Saturday, the Minnesota Wild took on the Dallas Stars and the camera crew just panning through the crowd caught this amazing woman in her wedding dress. She is just sitting there, eating a hot dog and enjoying the game. This is my kind of woman. Well if she is a Wild fan, her night ended on a rough note.

The Wild were up three goals to none in the third period. The Stars would go on to score three straight, send the game into overtime and win it. I have been a Dallas Stars fan for years, this team is special this year. Start rooting now, don't want you hopping on the bandwagon in April.