If this doesn't sound like a Lifetime movie, we don't know what does.

Police in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. arrested a woman for trying to run over her son-in-law after he revealed the two had a fling.

Yeah, this is not going to help Florida's reputation.

Kathleen Regina Davis, 58, was hauled to jail after cops arrived spotting her trying to run over Michael Sciarra, 33, on his property with her Mercedes.

Davis had gone to his home because she felt Sciarra had ruined her relationship with her daughter by coming clean about the sordid affair (as if that whole knocking boots with your son-in-law thing wasn't enough of a problem). Before she tried to run him over, Davis unleashed her inner jilted teenager by egging him and his house.

And you thought your mother-in-law was a handful.

Davis told cops she wanted Sciarra to die. Not surprisingly, he and the daughter are in the midst of getting a divorce.

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