This lady was taking a test drive whether the dealership liked it or not.

On Monday, the Wichita Falls Police got a call from the Ford House that someone took a brand new 2020 Lincoln off of the lot. 28-year-old Brittany LaShay Smith was at the Ford House and was trying to purchase another vehicle but could not be financed. She asked if she could take that 2020 Lincoln for a test drive.

A manager said Smith was acting suspicious, so she was not allowed a test drive. She then asked for a key from a salesperson so she could see the instrument panel and take a photo of it. I know I won't by a car unless that is one shiny instrument panel. She started it up and then allegedly drove off the lot dragging the salesperson along with her.


A warrant was issued for Smith, who was located and arrested on Tuesday, December 22. She was booked into the Wichita County Jail on Tuesday and charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. Smith’s bond was set at $25,000.

Hopefully that salesperson that got dragged is doing OK. I know that would not be a good day selling cars. You think you're going to have a big sale and next thing you know you're being dragged down Kell Boulevard. By the way, get this salesperson a raise. Maybe she shouldn't have gotten the key, but getting dragged down the road should get you a bonus.

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