Well...that was a pretty quick turnaround. Car's back home.

On Friday, Wichita Falls police were called out to a residence about a stolen vehicle. The homeowners were out of town, but their son called the cops about the stolen Range Rover. This would be something that would happen to me. Parents are gone and someone steals the car. This would somehow be 100% my fault.

Well it looks like the son had nothing to do with this. The backdoor was kicked in and the keys that were hanging up for the Range Rover were gone. Well, crap. Time to go look for the car. While the Wichita Falls police officers were questioning the son, the Range Rover pulled into the driveway.

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What is going on?! Some self driving Range Rover decide to go for a spin around the neighborhood? Nope, Wichita Falls police said Weston Adams was the one who drove the vehicle back into the driveway. Police asked the son if he knew this person and he said he had never seen Adams in his life.

Adams was charged with burglary and car theft. According to KFDX, Adams has six criminal cases pending, with a total of 34 filed. His previous charges include 17 for burglary or theft.

So remember criminals, if you decide to steal someone's car, just go dump it somewhere else when you're done with it. Literally anywhere else. Don't bring it back to the house ESPECIALLY WHILE THE COPS ARE STILL THERE.

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