We were thankful for the rain we got in Wichita Falls last night, but sadly several businesses were destroyed in the process.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Destruction

Last night was one of those nights where I realized I would be one of those idiots that dies in their house unaware of a storm outside. I was playing games with my headset for a few hours, took them off and realized it was storming outside. I was beginning to forget what rain looked like. Sadly, with the storm came some very severe straight line winds.

What is a Straight Line Wind?

The footage you will see below from Wichita Falls will look like a tornado touched down at some point last night, but no. This is from straight line winds. The video above shows the process of what happened last night in Wichita Falls. The video below is mainly from the shopping center on Seymour Highway called the Rio Vista Plaza.

Check Out the Destruction Last Night in Wichita Falls

Brett Adair with Storms Live Media uploaded this video a few hours ago showing parts of Wichita Falls. You can clearly see the Little Caesars, Pueblo Boxing, and Sun Loans completely torn apart by the wind. Several places in this area remain without power as of this posting. So be prepared if you have business today in this part of Wichita Falls.

Check Out This Video of the Thunderstorm from Last Night in the Falls

It was beautiful to see the rain coming down, but we all have to remember when these storms get severe. They can be quiet dangerous. Hopefully everyone in Wichita Falls is safe today because these images coming out from last night are not pretty.

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