Living in Texas is like living in a wind tunnel. 

It’s rarely ever not windy here. You can count on it being a little gusty on a normal day. But if the weather is changing, you can count on strong sustained winds for hours on end. 

Being a lifelong resident of the Lone Star State, you would think I would be used to high winds, but you would be wrong. The thing is high winds don’t bother me during the day. But it does kind of creep me out when it’s windy at night. That’s not natural.

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So yeah, I was a bit unnerved Monday night (January 8) when the strong winds ahead of winter storm Finn blew through the area. 

According to WFAA, wind gusts of over 60 mph were recorded in Fort Worth. I would guess they were at least that high here in Wichita Falls. The wind was so strong at my house that it pushed my Weber kettle grill about 2-3 feet across the deck. 

But at least nothing was destroyed. A gas station that I assume is in the Texas Panhandle wasn’t so lucky. Watch as the wind rips the sign right off the pole like it’s nothing.  

Mother Nature doesn’t mess around.

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