Garret Van Mullins has the right to use medical marijuana in the state of Colorado. Sadly for him, it's still illegal in the state of Texas and he has been fighting with our local courts for awhile. 

Garret Van Mullins claims to have night terrors and that the marijuana he is allowed to have in Colorado helps him sleep. He was busted during a traffic stop in Wichita County last year with a jar of THC-infused peanut butter, baked goods and a jar of marijuana in his possession. In the trunk, the officer found a fire safe box with more infused products and marijuana.

He was given four years probation for those charges in February. Then, when the bonds for violating that probation were set and posted in June, Mullins asked the court to modify terms of his probation to allow him the use of marijuana and cannabis extracts.

That request was denied. He did admit to the court to using marijuana when he was back in Colorado. He was arrested that same day and put back in jail for violating his money laundering probation. Mullins posted his bail and has been protesting in front of the Wichita County courthouse.

Mullins says since he was ordered to not leave Wichita County, he is basically living on the street. He claims he was told what he did in Colorado was up to Colorado authorities.

He was re-arrested last Thursday and is being held on $80,000 in bonds.

Mullins says he just wants to be allowed to go to Colorado to serve his probation instead of being kept in jail here or when out of jail homeless in Wichita Falls.