I managed to set off a bit of a debate on Facebook the other day. No, it was not about politics or religion; it was over Buc-ee’s.  For those of you not fortunate enough to have traveled through the great state of Texas lately, let me tell you the story.

What started with just one store in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1982 has grown to 40 stores, mostly in Texas. Buc-ee’s is now expanding to Florida and Alabama. I simply stated that Wichita Falls needed a Buc-ee’s and, well, the debate began, with most arguing we don’t have the traffic counts. I respectfully have to disagree.

Texans have developed an obsession with Buc-ee’s.  Why is that, you ask?  Let me give you my observations from the Buc-ee’s on I-20 at Terrell, Texas. Upon exiting my vehicle, my family and I noticed right away that something was afoot at Buc-ee’s. What on Earth am I witnessing here?  Two employees, with step ladders and large carts filled with supplies, are cleaning the gas pumps! I’ve visited many a convenience store and truck stop in my day, but I’ve never seen anyone cleaning a gas pump.  Most of the time, you walk away from a pump feeling the need to get a tetanus shot.  Not at Buc-ee’s, no sir.  You could practically serve dinner on top of those pumps. And by the way, there are easily 200 gas pumps.  And I'd gladly wait in line for one, too.

Next, I take you to the bathroom at Buc-ee’s. These bathrooms are amazing! They’re huge, with dozens of urinals and stalls.  An entire village in central America could utilize a Buc-ee’s men’s room all at once.  Guess what?  They didn’t stink. They were clean.  I’m talking operating room clean.  I’ve never looked forward to using a public toilet. I can’t wait to get back to Buc-ee’s just to use the bathroom. It nearly brought tears to my eyes, really it did.

Most convenient stores offer all sorts of snacks and drinks. The food and drink offerings at Buc-ee’s make the average convenience store look like a soggy yard sale. You like jerky?  Buc-ee’s has at least 25 varieties.  Breakfast sandwiches, beef and pulled pork sandwiches, every soda and tea option known to humankind and even homemade fudge!  Yes, I bought the sampler box.

A place like this would have a huge impact on our local economy. The starting wage for most positions at a Buc-ee’s (I was told) was $12 per hour. I’d pay $12 an hour just to be able to pull up a chair and watch this place operate. They set out to be the best and the cleanest.  They’re doing an amazing job. Wichita Falls, we need a Buc-ee’s.


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