When we posted the first Wichita Fall In Movies and Television list, we asked for suggestions of anything we had missed.  We got a lot of great suggestions, and a few suggestions that were already on the list.

For this list we avoided as many one-off references as possible, sticking mainly to movies and television shows set in Wichita Falls or using people from Wichita Falls.  And since the recent 'Tonight Show' and 'The Today Show' segments have already been covered with other posts, they won't be included here.

  • 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan'


    This is one I'm a little embarrassed about forgetting since we interviewed KAUZ's Ken Johnson about his appearance in 'Borat'.  According to Ken, no one was aware of Cohen's history when he came in under the guise of Borat, but their station was flooded with calls as soon as his segment aired.  Though his boss kept Ken and his co-workers from attending the red carpet premiere, Ken received regular residual checks from the studio for his appearance.

    You can check out our interview with Ken HERE!

  • 'Street Kings'


    2008's 'Street Kings' was an all-star cast to say the least, with major names like Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie, and Chris Evans just to name a few.  But there's also a taste of Wichita Falls in the cast, with model/actress Angelina Zamora, an Old High and MSU alumni, appearing as the girlfriend of Detective Santos, played my Amaury Nolasco from 'Prison Break'.  According to an interview with TRN, Zamora said she filmed three scenes but one only made the final cut, but that one scene was a dream come true,

    “I was in the scene where I was sitting next to Keanu Reeves, and Forest Whitaker was there,” Zamora said. “ … Being in a scene with Keanu Reeves, it was really surreal. It was like — wow! — I’ve always wanted to do this … I used to have a poster of him when I was younger.”

  • 'Kill Bill: Volume 1'


    For this list we chose to limit the amount of one off references to Wichita Falls, but this one had to make the list for the fact that its also a mistake.

    In the opening of 'Kill Bill: Volume 1', the Rockabilly radio station identifies itself as from Wichita Falls.  The problem?  This scene takes place in El Paso, TX.  For anyone outside of Texas, this wouldn't trigger anything for them, but those in Texas know that there's a bit of a distance between the two cities, so much so that radio waves from Wichita Falls will not reach El Paso, especially in the middle of the day when there's more interruption of the signal.

  • 'Sky High'


    Yes, the guys from Bowling For Soup made our last list for their theme to the reality show 'The Real Gilligan's Island', but they've done enough in their careers to warrant another entry.

    In 2005, Disney released their teenage superhero movie, 'Sky High'.  Centering on the children of superheroes going to a floating high school to learn to be heroes themselves, the films main licensed song was a remake of 'I Melt With You' done by Bowling For Soup.  Heavily featured in the film itself, the video for the song showed the band performing for the faculty of Sky High, showing off their individual powers along with actress Kelly Vitz who played the shape-shifting Magenta in the movie.

  • 'WWE Raw'

    (September 19, 2005)

    In 2005, 'WWE Raw' broadcast from the Kay Yeager Coliseum.  WWE's main show featured legendary wrestlers Trish Stratus and Ric Flair in individual matches, and an 8-man tag main event with John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy, and The Big Show vs. Chris Masters, Edge, Kurt Angle, and Snitsky.  Though the crowd greatly enjoyed event, this is likely to be the last televised WWE event to take place in Wichita Falls due to poor attendance.  Fans on-hand noted the low turn-out, and mentioned that many seats on the camera side (non-filmed side) were blocked off and cameras rarely moved to avoid showing the empty seats.

  • 'The Stars Fell on Henrietta'


    Ok, not exactly Wichita Falls, but Henrietta is close enough, right?

    This 1995 movie featured a stellar cast including Robert Duval, Aiden Quinn, Billy Bob Thornton, and Brian Dennehy.  Duval played an oil man looking to strike it rich in Henrietta, convincing Don Day (Quinn) that his land has oil.  The film received a great deal of bad reviews, though Duval's performance has been regularly cited as the high point of the movie.

  • 'Texasville'


    The sequel to the Oscar-winning 'The Last Picture Show', 'Texasville' is also based on the novel by Archer City's Larry McMurtry.  Jeff Bridges returns as Duane, now an oil tycoon living outside of Wichita Falls, whose home life is falling apart.  His high school sweetheart Jacy, played again by Cybil Shepherd, returns home after a successful acting career and a family tragedy, rekindling her romance with Duane.  Unfortunately, 'Texasville' wasn't as successful as its predecessor, with mixed critical reviews and a low box-office return.

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