Looks like one neighborhood was rocked last night with a massive explosion.

PSA, When You Smell Gas, Call Someone IMMEDIATELY

A gas leak is not something anyone should be taking lightly. If you smell gas in your residence, immidiatly call 911. Get out of the residence and be sure you do not use any electrical equipment before you leave. I would then recommend also calling your gas company and informing them you have had a gas leak and that the proper authorities are on the way.

Sadly, A Wichita Falls Home Had a Gas Leak on Sunday

According to KFDX, a house in the 1600 block of Christine Road was where the explosion took place. The resident told fire officials after the explosion that they had smelled gas and opened all of their windows to try to air the place out. They apparently left the house and upon returning did not smell gas anymore. A light switch was then turned on causing the massive explosion.

One Person Injured in the Explosion

According Wichita Falls fire investigator Eddie Mawson the only person injured in the explosion was the person inside of the residence. No injuries have been reported at this time, but nearby neighbors said it sounded like a plane crashed in the neighborhood. The homeowner was taken to a hospital due to their injuries. According to Mr. Mawson the house will probably be a total loss due to the explosion.

Remember, Rotten Eggs and a Gas Leak Have a Similar Smell

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Just in case you're unaware of what smell you should be...smelling for. A rotten egg smell is what most people would say a gas leak smells like. Like I said at the start, if you think you have a gas leak, call the proper authorities right away and leave the residence.

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