Thieves don't often impress me. This guy built a whole contraption to steal gas from stations.

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I want to emphasize that stealing is wrong, but gas prices have gotten ridiculous. Looks like one dude was sick of paying over in Vidor, Texas. You have probably been to the gas station and driving over those circles in the parking lot. That is where the truck deposits the gas into.

Now if you tried to pop the top in the parking lot, that is going to get a lot of attention. This guy would pull his truck up to a pump and have a trailer behind him that would go over those circles. Someone would be inside the trailer stealing the gas using a pump and giant barrels for the gas to go in. He could steal around 110 gallons at a time.


Looks like police pulled him over for having no working taillights on the trailer. Come on man! You took the time to build this whole thing and didn't put working taillights on it! Never mind, you're a moron, no longer a genius like I thought. Police also located narcotics, narcotic paraphernalia and a loaded AR-15 rifle inside the vehicle.


The man driving the truck is 31-year-old Caleb Theol LeBlanc. The investigation is still ongoing, I am assuming trying to find out how much gas he has gotten away with. The Vidor Police Department says the vehicle matched the description to a recent gas theft in Orange County, Texas. We will wait and see if we get a report with how much gas he was able to get using this thing.

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