Dad is usually not the one who helps with the girl's hair in the family. Wichita Falls father Doug Marquardt is trying to help dads get more comfortable with that idea.

I personally think dads don't usually help out with their daughter's hair is because guys don't typically do crazy stuff with their hair. We get a haircut and maybe throw some gel in. That's about it. Girls want braids, pigtails and all sorts of other styles. I would not know anything about having to do this and neither did Wichita Falls resident Doug Marquardt.

Doug knew the basic braids, but his daughter was wanting some more complicated stuff. He happened to find a live Facebook video from Philippe Morgese. Morgese started something called Daddy Daughter Hair Factory. Basically, he teaches fathers how to do their daughter's hair. Doug learned a lot just from watching these videos and did some more research on Daddy Daughter Hair Factory.

Doug learned that Daddy Daughter Hair Factory is always looking for instructors to teach local classes to other fathers all over the country. Doug told TRN he felt a calling to become one of those instructors and had his first class on May 5. The amazing thing about these classes is that they're totally free, you do have to pre-register beforehand since the class size is small.

Dad daughter hair styling class Wichita Falls
Doug Marquardt teaching hair styling lessons in Wichita Falls on May 5, 2018 (via Daddy Daughter Hair Factory Facebook)

A maximum of twelve dads are allowed in the class and for Doug's first class he had six Dads and nine daughters. He is trying to do this again in Wichita Falls on Father's Day and maybe in the future do some with Moms if they're interested. He told TRN as of now he only wants to focus on Dad but would be open to co-ed classes in the future.

If you would like to keep up with Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, keep an eye on their events page on Facebook. Doug says if you want some information about Wichita Falls events only, feel free to shoot him an email at for more information.

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