The Big 12 Conference is hosting their annual Media Days this week in Dallas. While reporters from throughout the country were there to hear from coaches and players and get an idea about how each team would be looking this football season, there was something besides sports that demanded a little more of their attention.

When Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy held his press conference (seen above), there were plenty of questions about his offense, defense, and plans for the upcoming season. While exciting to hear for the college football fan, if you looked on Twitter there was a new hashtag that was starting to trend: #GundyMullet2016

It would appear that during the off season Gundy decided to bring back the legendary hairstyle that every rad guy in the 80's had to have. Business in the front. Party in the back. The Oklahoma State coach seems to have grown out a full blown mullet!

The people at NewsOK caught up with Gundy to find out more about his hairstyle and he explained that his 11-year-old son had been bothering him about getting his hair cut and so he decided to not cut it at all this summer just to mess with him.

Gundy also refused to admit to actually having a mullet, saying "It's not a real mullet. A real mullet has to be at least shoulder length and you've got to have some curls in it."

Could we end up seeing a full blown mullet on the sidelines at Boone Pickens Stadium this fall? For now we'll just have to wait until Saturday, September 3rd to find out. The Cowboys open up the season against the Southeastern Louisiana Lions that day in Stillwater.