Rule number 1, don't leave ANYTHING at the scene that can trace back to you.

Anybody remember in 'Home Alone' how the thieves had their calling card. In the first movie, they were the Wet Bandits. They would leave the water running at all of the houses they stole from. We may have someone leaving their calling card right here in Wichita Falls.


It looks like a garage in the 3700 block of Cumberland had some stuff stolen from it on Monday. Someone also poured some paint out and got it all over a brand new Jeep Wrangler in the garage. It appears as if someone also carved the name 'Dalton' into the hood. Who is Dalton? We will find out shortly.

Later that afternoon, someone in Iowa Park called the police. They said that Dalton Florida and Ethan Hart had dropped off several items at their property. They suspected the property had been stolen. Those items included power tools and lawn equipment. Wouldn't you know it, those are the exact items that are missing from the garage from the Cumberland residence.

Officers talked with Dalton and Ethan at that home and said Dalton admitted to stealing the items and damaging the jeep. They both admitted to taking the stolen items to Iowa Park to get them out of Dalton’s home. These two have other similar charges. They were arrested for burglarizing vehicles around McNiel and Seymour highway. Also in April for the theft of a firearm.

So remember, don't leave anything at the scene of the crime that can trace back to you. Especially your name.

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