A Blink doorbell camera captured a scary scene at Interlace Apartments in Dallas on Saturday, August 19.

The video shows a man posing as a maintenance worker knocking on the door of an apartment claiming he was there to check the air filters. You then hear a man respond that no one is there at the moment and that he will need to come back another day.

The “maintenance worker” then thanks the man and goes to the door of the apartment across the way and knocks on the door. The situation appears to be routine at that point. But, the guy posing as the maintenance worker then pulls a handgun and returns to the first apartment and attempts to kick in the door.

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You then see a masked accomplice come into view and attempt to kick in the door as well. After several failed attempts to enter the apartment, someone inside the apartment opened fire on the two suspects, who then returned fire.

The suspects fired back before quickly fleeing the scene. The video then cuts to the moment when Dallas Police arrive and investigate the scene.

There aren't many details on the crime available as of this posting. However, according to the video, no one was injured in the incident.

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