Highway 287 had been too quiet recently.

Tracy Allen Alvarez and Kenny Louis Collazo were traveling down Highway 287 and were pulled over for speeding. They were doing 75 in a 60 mile per hour zone. Alvarez told the deputy they were going to Arkansas to pick up his son and then back to Arizona where he lived. The deputy said the Alvarez was very fidgety. He was visibly shaking and couldn't sit still.

Alvarez gave the officer consent to search his truck. The deputy found a substance that tested positive for heroin in the center console. He arrested Alvarez and Collazo and then searched the truck some more. The deputy became suspicious of a large all-terrain spare tire that did not match the truck's other tires.

The deputy did a density reading on the tire and something was stashed inside. Seven large cellophane-wrapped bundles that tested positive for meth were inside. The deputy found 14 pounds of crystal methamphetamine and three grams of black tar heroin in total. Both have been charged with manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance of 400 grams or more, according to court documents.

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