It seems like such a nice, fun thing to do with the kiddos. Grab the partial loaf of bread and head down to Lucy Park to feed the ducks. But there’s a really good reason why you shouldn’t do that.

First if all, it’s bread, probably white bread, pretty much deficient of any kind of nutritional value whatsoever. But the ducks love it, right? I mean they come right up and take it out of your hand! Well, so would you if someone was handing out free candy. Yes, they love it, but there are better alternatives that will bring you and your kids just as much enjoyment and be a lot better for the ducks.

I called the folks at Wild Birds Unlimited inside Smith’s Gardentown Farms and was told that they have bags of dried corn that are great food sources for the ducks, along with all of the other birds you might want to feed from time to time.

But wait, you say. You didn’t want to have to go through some big ordeal; you just wanted to get your kids outside doing something in the sunshine. You’re in luck! You probably already have a great alternative duck treat in your freezer. It turns out that ducks love peas and carrots and they’re much better for them than bread. Just be sure to thaw them out before you feed them to the ducks.

So, by all means, go down to Lucy Park or Sikes Lake and make those ducks happy! Just feed them something that will actually keep them healthy, too.

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