For the most part we enjoy drinking some adult beverages every now and then. We all hate the hangover the next day, what alcohol would be better to drink to help prevent that? Don't worry science has your back.

I got the first legit hangover for the first time in a long time two weeks ago. I swore I was never going to drink again, then the Mavericks played the next day and I cracked open a few beers. Everyone always seems to have the best hangover cure, but why not just change what alcohol you drink?

According to DScience the darker the alcohol the more likely you will have a hangover. So drinks like gin and vodka would be better for you. He does warn any drink you do to excess will give you a hangover. I will just stick with my beer and not try to get screwed over in drinking games anymore.

Check Out Which Alcohol Gives You the Worst Hangover Below: