In an alternate universe, where your favorite TV show is set in Wichita Falls, where would those characters be hanging out around town? 

  • Photo Courtesy of FX

    'The League' - Parkway Grill

    The guys and gal from 'The League' need a place to drink beer and watch sports. No better place in Wichita Falls than Parkway for that. They probably would love a good Shiva Blast in that place. Shivakamini Somakandarkram!

  • Photo Courtesy of FX

    'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' - Lazy Dog Saloon

    This one was a tough one. Obviously, we need a bar, but a dive bar (BTW dive bar is not a negative term). We need a place where animals would be acceptable so Charlie can try to sell his kitten mittens. I have only seen dogs in Lazy Dog, but I am sure a cat in the establishment would be no problem.

  • Photo Courtesy of NBC

    'Seinfeld' - Pioneer Restaurant

    You need to have a good hometown basic restaurant for this one. Pioneer seems like a good place for George and Jerry to hang out. I feel like George could have a funny joke about our water filtration system and that time he peed in the shower at the gym.

  • Photo Courtesy of FOX

    'Married With Children' - Texas Showgirls

    Al Bundy loved his nudie bars. It was a tough choice between here and Maximus. We all know Texas Showgirls made headlines by being the cheapest strip club in Texas. Tell me that doesn't sound like an Al Bundy approved nudie bar.

  • Photo Courtesy of FOX

    'The Simpsons' - P2

    Homer loves his beer, but let's face it. He's also lazy. Being able to drink beer while sitting in your car? Homer would definitly give a loud Woo-Hoo to that one. Plus that great food they have there (insert Homer drool sound effect).

  • Photo Courtesy of CBS

    'The Big Bang Theory' - The Collectors Den

    Definitely need a comic book store for this one. Collector's Den is one of the best in Wichita Falls. Just hope they can put up with Sheldon's OCD though.

  • Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central

    'South Park' - Kiwanis Park

    The boys from 'South Park' spend a lot of time outside and are always getting into trouble. Kiwanis Park would be a great place to cause some mischief. You know Cartman would be doing something to mess with those prairie dogs.

  • Photo Courtesy of MTV

    'Beavis and Butthead' - DW's Adult Video

    Yeah, Beavis and Butthead couldn't get into DW's since they're in high school, but you know they would be trying to peak in the window, though, or trying to get a glimpse when the door opens. Plus Beavis and Butthead would love Wichita Falls, the Buzz plays plenty of AC/DC and Metallica.

  • Photo Courtesy of CBS

    'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' - Stone Oven Pizza

    This one is too easy. It had to be a pizza place. Stone Oven is one of the best in town and they do delivery now. Hope they would be willing to deliver to the sewer, though, but remember, don't be late. 'Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.'

  • Photo Courtesy of FOX

    'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' - Warrior's Way

    If the teenagers in Power Rangers grew up here, they would have learned all of their skills at Warrior's Way. Also, the pink ranger would have been my girlfriend if she lived here. Yeah, she would, you can't say otherwise.